Rotary Transfer Machines

standard machinery

Kaufman builds a variety of standard high production rotary transfer machines that are controlled by systems ranging from basic PLC with diagnostics to 35+ axes under ball screw CNC control.

Drill Tapping Machinery

Twin Spindle Machining Centers


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Custom Machinery

custom machinery

Our lineup of Custom Machinery offers the customer maximum part production with a minimum amount of floor space required.

Precision Boring Machinery

Hybrid Machinery

Dedicated Machinery

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Gozio Machines

Gozio Transfer Federico S.R.L. of Brescia, Italy has designed and built high quality rotary transfer machinery since 1959, and is considered one of the premier machine tool builders in Europe.

Horizontal Axis (Trunnion)

Vertical Axis

Flexible Machinery

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Building rotary transfer multi-station machining centers for metal-cutting industries worldwide.
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