Rotary Transfer Multi-Station Machining Centers for Metal Cutting Industries Worldwide
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Rotary Transfer Machines

standard machinery

Kaufman builds a variety of standard high production rotary transfer machines that are controlled by systems ranging from basic PLC with diagnostics to 35+ axes under ball screw CNC control.

Drill Tapping Machinery

Twin Spindle Machining Centers


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Custom Machinery

custom machinery

Our lineup of Custom Machinery offers the customer maximum part production with a minimum amount of floor space required.

Precision Boring Machinery

Hybrid Machinery

Dedicated Machinery

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If You Need a Machine, You Need Us

Machines make our lives easier and more efficient. But … who makes the machines? Kaufman Manufacturing Company has been designing and building machines for a wide variety of applications for over 85 years. Many of our machines have been producing parts for over 30 years and still continue to operate in the field even today. We are a respected leader in custom built, high production machining systems.

There is just no substitute for this kind of quality and experience. Kaufman's teams in Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing will examine all the details of your unique project - factoring in required tolerances, available floor space, geometry, and the number of production hours available, before coming up with a concept and design that delivers on both performance and price.

We subscribe where possible to a flexible manufacturing system, in which the machine's capabilities can be adjusted in order to produce new product types.

Custom-Built Machines for All Applications

Examples of the machines we can custom design and manufacture include:

  • Boring machines
  • Horizontal boring machines
  • Rotary transfer machines
  • Threading machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Tapping machines
  • Metal cutting machines
  • CNC milling machines

Our KAUFMANflex machining systems offers custom machining with CNC precision. Our Multi-Axis CNC designs make it possible for us to offer customers a cost-effective manufacturing system for medium to high volume projects or part families.

Our Quality Is Your Guarantee
We back all of our machines with a guaranteed after-sales service response time of 24 hours or less, and every Kaufman machine leaves our floor with a modem, Ethernet connection or direct connection to our in-house diagnostics department, where our electrical engineering staff is on hand to assist you should you experience any technical difficulties.

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Building rotary transfer multi-station machining centers for metal-cutting industries worldwide.
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