About Kaufman

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Kaufman Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of custom-built, high production machining systems.

Our robust, innovative machine tool designs have set the standard for U.S.-built machine tools for over 90 years. With hundreds of machines in the field, some of them producing parts for over 30 years, Kaufman has built an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability.

In addition to building new machine tools and systems, we also rebuild and recondition existing Kaufman machines. We restore them to like-new performance with modern controls, requalified hydraulic and pneumatic systems and a new warranty.

We also improve the operation of any brand of older machine tools by replacing their aging controllers (are replacement parts getting harder to find?) with new controllers and diagnostics. These new user-friendly controllers are programmed to slash troubleshooting time and help you get your machine tools back up and running faster. See our controls page for more details.

Finally, if you need help getting machining work done, we also offer contract machining services.

Let’s discuss your machine tool needs

What Makes Kaufman Unique?

Fully integrated design and tool manufacturing

We design and build all the assemblies that go into our machines, including electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Why does that matter? It means we can design machines around your needs – instead of the one-size-fits all mentality of European tool manufacturers. Everything that goes into Kaufman machine tools is designed to work together perfectly, without compromise.

Our in-house design-and-build approach also makes a huge difference when your Kaufman machine tool needs to be serviced. Because we have intimate knowledge of the entire machine’s design and operation, we can diagnose and service it faster. No more uncomfortable “I don’t know. I’ll have to ask the company that built that sub-system for us” conversations!

We listen to you

Our customers love the way we listen to their needs. We’ll examine all the details of your project - factoring in required tolerances, available floor space, geometry and the number of production hours available – and deliver a design that meets your needs for throughput, part quality and price.

After your Kaufman machine tools are installed and operational, we’ll continue to listen and respond:

  • All our machines have the capability to be connected to the internet, so our in-house electrical engineering staff can perform real-time diagnostics on them. That helps to minimize downtime and maximize your productivity.
  • Our service department is available to support you with a
    24-hour or better response time.

The Bottom Line

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When you’re shopping for machine tools, don’t just look at the price. There is so much more that can either make – or break – your high-performance manufacturing operation.

You need a partner that is not only willing to design tools around your unique requirements but also stands behind them all the way. When something goes wrong, you don’t have time to wait to talk to a support center that’s halfway around the world or get hamstrung by slow overseas part deliveries. You need answers fast, so you can get back up and running ASAP.

You need a local company that shares your values. One
that’s always thinking one or two steps ahead, anticipating your needs and meeting them with uncanny foresight. You need Kaufman.