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Appliance Applications

Appliance Motors

  • Electrical ApplicationsMulti-station rotary transfer boring, drilling and assembly machine
  • Controlled by hydraulic servo CNC 2-axis based CNC

Bore die cast aluminum motor end shields, inserted bushing and fine boring at the rate of 388 parts per hour to 2.0 CPK.

Electrical Applications



  • Two-division rotary transfer boring machine
  • Controlled by PLC

Washing machine outer tube bearing of sintered metal bronze, 1-3/4” ID x 2” long, is finish bored at 360 pieces per hour at 6 sigma SPC criteria.

Two-division rotary transfer boring machine


Air Compressors

  • Appliance ApplicationsKaufman flexible CNC multi-station rotary transfer manufacturing system
  • Controlled by 8-axis ball screw CNC with B-axis fixtures

42 different die cast connector rods for air compressors are precision bored, tapped, face milled and slot milled to 6 sigma  SPC criteria on a 4-station machine at 280 parts per hour, with 3 to 30 minute changeover time.

Air Compressor

Building rotary transfer multi-station machining centers for metal-cutting industries worldwide.
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