Machine Manufacturing


Machine manufacturing

Do you need to scale up production or launch a new product line that requires high-volume machining? Or are you seeking to replace aging equipment with efficient new tooling?

Kaufman Manufacturing can help.

We are a respected leader in custom-built, high-production manufacturing systems – built and supported in the USA. We’ve been building metal machining equipment for a wide variety of applications for over 90 years.

In today’s era of pull production, maximizing the uptime of your machine tooling is a must. That’s why all Kaufman equipment is designed for ruggedness and reliability. Many of our machines have been producing parts for over 30 years and continue to do so, reliably and cost-effectively.

Machine Tool

Rotary transfer machines

We build a variety of standard high-production rotary transfer machines that are controlled by systems ranging from a basic PLC with diagnostics to 35+ axes under ball screw CNC control. Our equipment offerings include:

  • Dedicated or flexible drill tapping machinery
  • Twin spindle machining centers
  • KAUFMANflex, a flexible CNC multi-station rotary transfer manufacturing system

Our line of rotary drilling and tapping machines has provided our customers with rugged and reliable production machine tools since 1927.

Machine Tool

Custom Machines

Our lineup of custom machines offers you maximum part production in a compact floor space. Our custom machine tools include:

Boring machines

Horizontal boring machines

Rotary transfer machines

Threading machines

Drilling machines

Tapping machines

Metal cutting machines

CNC milling machines

Dedicated high-production rotary transfer systems

Let’s discuss your machine tool needs

Our Approach

Our sales, engineering and manufacturing teams will examine all the details of your unique project - factoring in required tolerances, available floor space, geometry and the number of production hours available.

We’ll use this data to develop a concept and design that delivers on both performance and price. Whenever possible, our goal is to design a flexible manufacturing system where the machine’s capabilities can be adjusted to produce new product types.

Service and Support

Shop Worker On Laptop

At Kaufman Manufacturing, we stand behind our machines 110 percent. Unlike European machine tool manufacturers, we offer phone support for our equipment. Today’s Kaufman manufacturing systems are equipped with the capabilities to resolve diagnostic issues online. That can help you minimize downtime and maximize production.

Try doing that with a tool manufacturer located halfway around the world!

Our headquarters team is backed up by in-field service engineers with decades of machine tool expertise. In short, we’re here for you.