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CNC Machine Tools and Controls

Kaufman Mfg. Company has been a pioneer in the use of CNC tools and controls on Rotary Transfer Machines since 1983. Today, the vast majority of systems built by Kaufman include CNC technology. Kaufman electrical engineers are well versed in the design, programming, and support of these systems. Kaufman uses 3 types of CNC controls and chooses from that group the one that is most appropriate for the customer's specific application.

FANUC CNC Machines

The FANUC Series 30i/ MODEL A is a multi-axis and multi-path nano CNC suitable for advanced compound machine tools. This CNC flexibly supports various machine tools and is ideally suited for the multi axis demands of rotary transfer systems. It features high-speed, high-accuracy capability combined with state-of-the-art hardware, including ultra high-speed processors, high-speed CNC internal bus, and fiber optics for high-speed data transfer, greatly improving the CNC's performance.


The Indramotion MTX CNC controller is specifically designed for machine tool applications. It features open system architecture, simplified operation and programming, a high performance CPU, high precision extending down to the nanometer range, and integrated cycles with high end technology functions. It has outstanding performance and provides shorter cycle times and a minimum of PLC processing time, permitting high speed dynamic machining.

KAUFMAN Multi Axis CNC Control system

The Kaufman control system is a multi-axis and multi-path motion controller. This control can work with analog and digital drives, it also has various feedback options - Including incremental encoder, absolute encoders, 0-10 volt analog to name just a few. The flexible configuration allows Kaufman manufacturing just to create custom solutions the customer requires.

All of the control options use current technology in our PC Work Stations. The control display unit is pendant mounted at the operator station, and we offer remote diagnostics and support of all machines utilizing these controls. Contact us today for your CNC machine tool solution.

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