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Flexible Machinery

Kaufman Mfg. Company pioneered the use of flexibility in Rotary Transfer Systems with the introduction of the KAUFMANFLEX line of CNC Rotary Transfer machines at IMTS Chicago in 1986. In its present configuration it is available as a three-station, up to an eight- station dial with three axis CNC machining units.

The units can be equipped with either 6 station turrets or tool changers. The line is capable of processing parts up to a 500mm working cube and includes B-axis Hirth coupled pallets with 5 degree or 1 degree increments. The KAUFMANFLEX system is ideal for medium production lots (up to 750,000 pieces per year) or part families. It also allows the customer to re-tool the machine for new projects once a contract has been completed.

The HYBRID systems offered by Kaufman combine dedicated machining stations with fully flexible three axis machining units. These machines are capable of producing parts in the 1.5 to 2 million parts per year range and give the customer the ability to produce part families with a certain degree of commonality, or parts requiring multiple milling passes to machine a specific feature.

Contact Kaufman’s application and sales engineering department to receive a recommendation on the most optimum solution to your specific production requirement.

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